Wednesday, September 28, 2016

World Heart Day

World Heart Day on September 29

World Heart Day is part of a campaign to spread awareness about heart disease and stroke prevention. The World Heart Federation have found that heart disease and strokes are the world’s leading cause of death, killing 17.1 million people every year – that’s more than victims of cancer, HIV and AIDS and malaria.

This is the perfect day to quit smoking, get exercising and start eating healthy – all in the name of keeping your ticker in good working order, and improving the health and well being of people the world over

This World Heart Day, focus on fueling your heart and power your life. Your heart is at the heart of your health.

Just a few simple steps;
- eat more healthily
- cut down on alcohol
- stop smoking
- increase your exercise (20 minutes a day to walk)

The aim is to improve health globally by encouraging people to make lifestyle changes and promoting education about ways to be good to your heart. This lesson is becoming increasingly relevant as reports of obesity, poor diet and physical inactivity in children and young people become more and more common.

Events take place to promote healthy hearts. Charities and other organisations coordinate walks and runs, health checks, public talks, shows and exhibitions to name a few of the interesting and informative events which mark the day. So on Heart Day, get involved, eat your fruit and veg and get outside; both you and your heart will feel the benefits.

If you want more information on World Heart Day or want to get more involved please go to the following websites.

Take care of your HEART!!!!

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