Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mollie Guzo, LPC

Mollie Guzo, LPC divides her time between PHR and the Lewis Gale Medical Center, Center for Behavioral Health. Her areas of clinical expertise are broad ranging from anxiety, depression & psychotic disorders to couples & marital counseling, eating disorders & body image issues.
For all the good that therapy does and for the sense of satisfaction it can bring to the mental health provider, it is a sedentary way of work. If a way of life is to have the right balance, there must be something else. For Mollie Guzo the remedy is to get up and go.
She completed the XTERRA Atlantic Cup Triathlon June 14 in Richmond Virginia. The competition involved a 500 meter swim, 12 mile mountain trail bike ride and a 4 mile run. Earlier in March, she ran in 13.1 mile half marathon at the Shamrock Competition in Virginia Beach, VA.

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