Sunday, April 3, 2016

Internet "Addiction"

On July 29th, J. Steve Strosnider, LPC and Managing Partner of PHR, was interviewed by Joy Sutton on WDBJ-7 on the topic of Twitter and FaceBook Addiction. The issue of Internet Addiction is an increasing phenomenon, seen frequently at PHR. Very few clients will present themselves as addicted to the Internet, but it is often manifested in marital and work related problems. The Internet can become the center of people’s lives to the detriment of relationships, jobs and overall well being. Internet Addiction can take many forms; from E-bay, Games, Twitter, FaceBook and Pornography. There is also the vagabond who surfs the Internet for hours.
The Internet has given mankind a power unprecedented in our history. As such, it is quite seductive and can become addictive. If one cannot limit time on the computer and/or it is adversely affecting jobs or relationships, professional help is indicated.

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